Double Glazing is one of the most popular choices of window systems used in property builds. While you can get more layers and panes added in to your system, most homeowners know double glazing is enough to keep room temperatures regulated throughout the seasons and ensure you aren’t faced with a large energy bill. With double glazing you can improve the energy efficiency, security, and overall comfort of your property. However, like any feature, double glazing has a lifespan and there will come a time when it needs a replacement. In this blog post, we will explore the signs that indicate your double glazing may need a refit and why it’s essential to address these issues promptly to avoid rising costs.

uPVC Spraying can be used on a number of fittings such as uPVC windows and doors to achieve a different colour or finish.

Make sure your double glazing panes and seals are intact and not worn!

There Are Draughts, Cold Spots And Air Leaks

One of the most common signs that double glazing will need replacing is the presence of draughts, cold spots and air leaks. Over time, the seals that are present around the window frames can degrade and start  to wear away, allowing air to infiltrate your home. If you suddenly notice cold spots near your windows, your internal window walls or see condensation forming on the windows, it’s a clear sign that your double glazing is no longer doing an efficient job.

Cold spots not only make your home less comfortable to live in but also over time lead to higher energy bills as your heating system works harder to maintain a consistent room temperature. Replacing the windows with new double glazing will not only eliminate these issues but also improve your home’s energy rating and efficiency.

Condensation Forms Between The Panes

Condensation forming between double glazing panes is another telltale sign that replacement should be carried out. Like in the previous problem, the seal that keeps the space between the glass panes airtight can fail overtime, which can be an entry point for moisture. The trapped moisture then creates a misted appearance in the form of small and large droplets that not only affects your view but also greatly reduces the insulating properties of the window and their ability to retain heat. The larger the window space that has the damage the more heat that is lost.

Overtime the structural integrity of the walls will start to fail causing cracks across paint and plaster and give rise to the growth of mould and spores, which can be extremely harmful to your respiratory system and cause breathing difficulties. Replacing the affected units as quickly as possible with new double glazing will restore aesthetic appearance and restore efficiency.

You Notice An Increase In Energy Bills

If you’ve noticed a steady rise in your energy bills despite no significant change in your heating or cooling habits, it is possible that your double glazing is failing. As the panes in a double glazing system age, its insulating properties can deteriorate, leading to increased heat loss in the winter and reduced heat reflection in the summer. This results in your central heating and air conditioning systems having to work much harder to maintain a comfortable and consistent temperature and due to loss of convection will see energy bills rise.

Replacing your old double glazing with energy-efficient models can go a long way to saving the pounds and also reducing your carbon footprint.

The Frames Appear Warped

Over time, the frames of your double glazing can get warped from exposure to the whether and non uPVC frames, especially those made from wood are susceptible to rot. These issues compromise the structural integrity of your windows and can lead to security concerns, as well as draughts and air leaks. Replacing both the frames and the double glazing will form a unit that is resistant to warping, immune to rot and any other damage. Modern double glazing options come with durable frames help to improve the longevity of your investment.

There Is Noise Infiltration

If you’ve recently noticed that outside noise seems louder, your double glazing may be failing to provide adequate sound blocking and insulation. High-quality double glazing is designed to reduce sounds, creating a quieter and more peaceful indoor environment. As deterioration of the window system takes effect the noise becomes more apparent. Upgrading to new double glazing with advanced sound insulation features can significantly improve your home’s acoustic comfort.

Openings Become Insecure

Windows are a crucial element of your home’s security, and if your double glazing is old and vulnerable, it can be an open invitation to potential intruders. Older windows become much easier to force open, and damaged frame openings can be a security risk. Up-to-date double glazing often comes with enhanced locking mechanisms and shatterproof glass and corners, improving your home’s security and giving you peace of mind.

Furniture And Upholstery Fades Quicker

Another sign that is less obvious is your double glazing needs replacing is the fading of furniture, flooring and upholstery. Quality double glazing is designed to block UV rays from increased levels of sunlight, which can cause damage to your interior furnishings over time and cause them to discolour. If you’ve noticed that your furniture, carpets, and curtains are fading faster than expected, it might be a sign that your windows are no longer providing adequate UV protection and that the double glazing system has failed. Replacing your double glazing with one that contains a special coating or film of UV-resistant material can help preserve the beauty and value of your interior decor.

My Double Glazing Needs An Upgrade!

If you have recognised any of the above and are ready to take action to repair or replace your double glazing, then please call JLR Building Maintenance Ltd today! Whether you’re dealing with draughts, cold spots, condensation on the panes, or any other issues mentioned in this article, we can help you save time, energy and money through our energy efficient double glazing technology. We can help you save up to 3 times more on your household energy bills with insulated glass. Our friendly team are on hand to be able to take measurements for the rooms you are interested in having the work done to. Call 0800 0387 115 today or get in touch with us for your free quote.