At JLR Building we can provide the perfect composite doors for your property or home. Available in a wide variety of colours and styles, there is a door for everyone.

Composite doors are perfect for keeping your home secure, stylish and energy efficient! Best of all they require little maintenance.

Many homes and premises up and down the country have traditional front and back doors in place that are made from just one main material which is usually either uPVC, aluminium or wooden doors. However switching to Composite Doors can bring a number of advantages to your home.

The main problem which lies with traditional doors is that the singular material they are based upon will over time exhibit a number of weaknesses that can cause damage or failure to the door and the surrounding frame and lintel. This can make such doors extremely expensive to repair and maintain.

For example Wooden Doors come in a variety of beautiful and unique patterns and shapes but they are prone to the elements and can suffer from water damage, warping as well as exposure to termites and wood rot. Similarly, aluminium doors have parts and surfaces that can be exposed and can suffer from rust and corrosion.

Composite Doors are an excellent alternative to install. Made from a number of different materials that each have a specific set of properties they are known for their sturdiness and durability. But what else makes a Composite Door stand out and why should you have them installed in your home. Below are some of the reasons why:

  1. There are a large number of different designs and styles to pick from.For home aesthetics, composite doors do not disappoint. The treated composition of weatherproof and watertight materials allows for a variety of colours and patterns to be mixed and matched, which means there is a special look to suit everyone’s home. If you would like to find out more information on design options and browse some of the types of composite doors we can install for you then please visit our composite doors page here for more information.
  2. They are strong doors that are durable.Each material that is used in the production of a composite door has its own set of strengths and benefits. Such materials include uPVC, foam, wood and glass re-enforced plastic, or GRP for short. The foam provides an excellent barrier against water and traps heat inside, ensuring no thermal energy is lost to the outside. The glass re-enforced plastic does not warp either providing an excellent seal between the core and any panes. These choices of materials combined with a number of point locks not only makes them durable but also highly secure against intrusion attempts.
  3. They are highly energy efficient and good at reducing noise.The energy efficiency of composite doors is very high thanks to the interior foam and other materials used inside of the core. This polyurethane foam expands and traps in any heat that enters, forming a seal so it can’t escape and be lost to the outside. This foam, combined with the surrounding materials also helps to block out any unwanted noise from the outside, such as passing traffic, people or other loud disruptions.
  4. The materials used are resistant to a variety of weather and elements.From a barrage of raindrops to snow, composite doors are built with materials that are sturdy and robust in nature. So during heavy rain, snow or storms, a properly installed door will offer maximum water resistance thanks to the number of seals and watertight components used.
  5. Little to no maintenance is needed on the door or components.Being created from a number of different materials, these doors can withstand the test of time and the mechanisms that operate them are well protected and covered. When it comes to
    hinges and locks, these are not as likely to get damaged or suffer from failures as on other doors which can help prevent the need for additional or regular maintenance.

If you are looking to get your doors upgraded, choose composite doors today from JLR Building Maintenance. Our team of highly trained, professional door fitters will look at getting your door systems replaced with little to no hassle. Request a free quote from our team today to discuss your requirements!