uPVC is extremely popular today as a secure, eco-friendly and stylish option for both interior and exterior doors and windows. With more bespoke solutions becoming affordable, homeowners will inevitably look at upgrading their outdated windows and frames, replacing them with a more modern and stylish appearance that ties in with the rest of the exterior and interior décor of a property and provides a long lasting solution for years to come before higher maintenance is needed.

So why should you consider installing new uPVC windows?

  1. 1. They are durable and do not require decoration.
  2. 2. They are highly energy efficient.
  3. 3. They provide extra soundproofing to your home.
  4. 4. They are weather resistant.
  5. 5. They are eco-friendly.

1. They are durable and do not require decoration.

The material that goes into uPVC contains several layers of coating on top to prevent the likes of rot, corrosion and mould from occurring on the frame making them an excellent choice of window type. uPVC comes coated with multiple layers of special weather and dirt resistant material and beneath these layers is the core of the material. As they do not need painting, flaking of paint (or yellowing of lighter paint) will never occur and if exposed to UV rays from heavy sunlight, the colour of the frame will not fade over time.

2. They are highly energy efficient.

Along with the double or triple glazing layers, the

3. They provide extra soundproofing to your home.

The uPVC material when combined with either a double or triple-glazed configuration will reduce the amount of outside sound and noise that usually travels through into your home by up to 40dB.

4. They are weather resistant.

Whether it is a heatwave or a snowstorm, uPVC windows are able to withstand temperature differentials and swings. The thick seals that sit between the layers of glazing and the frame lips have a long lifespan and can help ensure a closed air system is in place, retaining and recycling the elements throughout a room or space to ensure it is well heated and ventilated.

5. They are fire retardant.

The uPVC material itself must aways adhere to the current standards and practices set out by UK fire regulations and law. Most importantly there is 30 minutes of protection that is guaranteed to protect users in the event of a fire incident, giving them time to get to a designated main exit route. Standard wood or timber frames simply combust and offer no additional protection against smoke and other harmful by-products of a fire. Special fire resistant insulation form can also be packed around the interior gaps where the frame fills to be able to offer an additional layer of protection.

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