Your home is your castle, a place where you can retreat and unwind after a day of activities and events. Over time the features that once made the exterior look new and tidy can become worn down with age, weathering or heavy usage. In this post we will look at five building services that can be carried out to refresh the exterior of your property and help retain or appreciate its value.

There are plenty of exterior building services that we can apply.

We do rendering, drains, driveways and much much more as part of our various building services.

Get A New Driveway

Many homeowners will have an existing driveway that will store their cars as well as any other vehicles in front of their property for both convenience and security. If there is a garage present, a driveway will also serve as a means to access that space on foot or by vehicle rather than having to cross over a different surface such as grass or artificial turf. Having a driveway in place will also help to lower the insurance premium of some vehicle owners as their vehicles that are registered to a property will be physically at that property and more secure rather than being parked in another potentially unsafe space. There are properties however which do not come with a driveway. Instead the space is either taken up by a small front garden, or there are tress in place for aesthetics. If you do have an existing driveway, then the constant usage combined with weathering will most likely have caused the tarmac or concrete surface to crack, split or sink. Getting a new driveway is the chance to have a place to put your car or motorcycle, or if you have had a previous driveway, reshape and expand upon the old one to accommodate extra vehicles for guests or provide more walking space to your property. Having a driveway will also add value to your home. On average the property price will appreciate by about 5-10% in value.

JLR Building Maintenance Ltd. offers complete design and installation of driveways of all shapes and sizes using a variety of materials and you can contact our expert team with your details and requirements. We will provide a no-obligation and hassle free quotation for the work that needs to be carried out.

Install New Rendering

Some properties that were built during a certain time period will most likely have rendering that shows around certain features such as bay windows, porches, front doors and garage frames to present a façade or “facing”. Over time this rendering will have cracked or become uneven due to damage from additional DIY or building work. Old brickwork might be difficult and no longer possible to properly repoint. Therefore by having rendering in place, the bricks and mortar are being protected from the elements. New and more recent property builds can also benefit from rendering around certain features to present an aesthetic look or feel to the property.

JLR Building Maintenance Ltd. can provide a range of colours, features, patterns and finishes incorporated into fresh rendering to give it a clean and presentable look and make your exterior shine again. The rendering services that we provide are waterproof and prevent dirt, mould and other unwanted residue from building up in the brickwork. Contact us today for expert advice and a free quote.

Build Some Garden Decking

If you have a large enough front or back garden, or both that surrounds your property, there is the opportunity to create an outdoor living area and space to relax in all while enjoying the weather and sights and views of your plants as well as the wildlife that visits. However to provide stability with which to place external furniture on and also to allow adequate space for drainage into the ground below, then decking is a must.

JLR Building Maintenance Ltd. can provide plenty of options and finishes when it comes to decking from the choice and thickness of wood, through to the colour and patterns. Decking floor, steps, fencing and even integrated seating and tables are all covered by our experienced team of craftsmen and joiners. We can provide a quote for your design and discuss requirements that are needed

Improve Your Drainage

Drainage systems are crucial to your property for transporting sewage and wastewater as well as excess buildup of water from the top of your home straight down to the drains. These drains are usually made from uPVC but previous piping has been made from clay and other material which over time can be susceptible to cracking, causing leaks to occur.

JLR Building Maintenance Ltd. can provide a partial or complete overhaul of your property drainage system, using the latest in uPVC technology and can re-enforce piping to last a lifetime. Contact the team today with your requirements and get a free quotation!

Repoint Your Brickwork

Sometimes the side of your property will have brickwork that has lost the concrete layering or has been worn down over time exposing gaps in-between the bricks. Cracks and holes in brickwork can cause moisture damage which will eventually travel through to your property and cause problems with the interior structure through buildup of mould or damp. To prevent this from happening you can have your brickwork repointed for a fraction of the cost to get brand new brickwork done. We will use waterproof materials to help protect your exterior walls from any further water damage.

JLR Building Maintenance Ltd. will be able to provide you with a free quote for the work so, get in touch today!

Looking for your next exterior project and require quality building services? Get in touch with the team today on 0800 0387 115 or alternatively you can visit our contact page and fill out the form. A member of our team will be in touch to process your enquiry and discuss your requirements. We can provide a hassle-free, no-obligation quote for you whatever the service.