With multi-point locking systems, increased thermal efficiency and good aesthetics, a composite door is a great choice for your home.

Do you plan to upgrade the doors in your home? When looking for a house door, choose the one that provides excellent quality. With composite doors, you can never go wrong.

Experts developed composite doors by combining different materials. This type of door equips homes with a sturdy and secured entrance. Although more expensive, you may find that a composite door is worth the money.

Its global market expects an 8.5% compound annual growth rate, proving its high demand. But is it really worth it?

What Are Composite Doors?

If you plan to upgrade doors, composite doors are an excellent investment. They combine the benefits of different materials used in creating them.

For this type of door, you get a solid timber core, fibreglass, and uPVC in one. These are common materials used in windows, too. For instance, uPVC windows are popular today.

Manufacturers designed composite doors with classic or modern aesthetics, featuring cutting-edge technology. Its smart design makes the doors more durable, sturdy, and impenetrable. In addition, composite doors are weather-resistant and low-maintenance.

With this, you can expect your composite door to last for years. Experts claim that the average lifespan of this door is 30 years. This makes it the best option for protecting your family and home.

The Benefits of Composite Doors

With all the advancements in composite doors, what advantages can it bring? Composite doors provide many benefits to homes. Through this article, you get to know six of them.

1. Sturdier Compared to Others

Composite doors are sturdier compared to other door types. The materials used in creating these doors influence the sturdiness.

With composite doors, you either have a solid timber or an insulating foam core. This means that composite doors have great density and many layers. This makes them reliable and long-lasting.

In addition, the outdoor frame consists of reinforced expanded metal mesh and fibreglass skin. These materials allow the door to resist large forces, such as debris or forced entries. To make it sturdier composite doors are thick, which is good for security.

2. Guaranteed Safety

In 2021, the United Kingdom recorded about 267,000 cases of burglaries. In most of these cases, intruders enter homes through their front doors. To prevent intrusion, install a sturdy door that can withstand forced entry.

Investing in composite doors can give you the protection you need.

Most of these doors have multi-point locking systems and heavy-duty handles. With a multi-point locking mechanism, your door gets extra layers of security. If people try to break into your home, they’ll have a much harder time doing so.

Composite doors also have weathertight seals. You don’t have to worry about rain getting in during a storm or having to replace your door again so soon.

3. Thermal Efficient

Does your home still feel cold even when the heater is on? The next thing you know, your utility bill is skyrocketing. With regular doors, the heat from your heat pump system escapes, and the cold gets in.

To keep yourself warm and comfortable, you need energy-efficient doors. Steel and aluminium doors are good thermal insulators. However, composite doors are more thermal-efficient compared to other door types.

Composite doors were made with the consideration of thermal efficiency, too. The materials used and the sealing system makes your home energy-efficient.

Composite doors have an insulating foam core. This is responsible for thermal resistance and lower heat conduction.

To determine thermal efficiency, check the ratings on doors. A low U-value makes a good heat insulator, and an A-rating for energy efficiency is the standard. If you use composite doors for your home, expect the bills to drop.

4. Little to No Maintenance

If you want to reduce or remove your maintenance cost for doors, upgrade them to composite ones. Standard doors are prone to scratches, fading, and deterioration. To maintain its form and quality, you must repaint and repair doors at least once a year.

With composite doors, there are little to no chances for deterioration. The fibreglass skin protects the door from scratches and bumps. This is also what makes composite doors weather-resistant.

You only need to wipe down dust using a damp and soapy cloth. With their durability and simple maintenance, composite doors can last long.

5. Many Style Options

One of the benefits composite doors can offer is the many style options available. Your choices range from classic to contemporary themes. Apart from the style, there are accessories to decorate the door, such as knockers.

You have vast options for colours, too. The standard paints used for composite doors are white, black, red, blue, oak, and rosewood. When choosing colours, it’s best to use the one that contrasts the colour of your house.

If you paint your house in bright or dark colours, you can use a neutral palette for your door. To add a pop of colour to neutral-painted walls, use bright pigments, such as mandarin orange.

You can customize composite doors depending on your preference.

6. Enhances Exterior Appearance

Are you tired of your plain and old-looking door? Upgrading to composite doors can enhance the exterior appearance of your house. Note that you have vast style options, and you can customize them.

When deciding on the style of your composite door, you can compliment or contrast the element. For instance, apply a traditional style if your house showcases vintage architecture. To create contrast, use a classic door style for a modern-looking property.

The aesthetic appeal of composite doors can attract people to your home. You can add details for a refined and authentic look.

Invest in Composite Doors Today

With the pros and cons of composite doors, it’s hard to outweigh the benefits they bring. Composite doors are more expensive. However, if you assess the benefits, you can save more in the long run.

If you’re looking for quality composite doors, contact us at JLR Building Maintenance and see what we can do for you today.